Moon Choker Fetish
Moon Choker Fetish
Moon Choker Fetish
Moon Choker Fetish
Moon Choker Fetish

You love your passive lover to the moon and back. For you, she’s not only a sub who will obey all your demands or please you in bed. She’s your confidante, your best friend, your lifetime partner. But after all the years you’ve been together, you can’t help yourself but wonder if she feels the same way too. Yes, she follows everything you say and does a great job serving you. But it seems like she doesn’t feel the love you have for her.

If you’d like to show her how you truly feel about her, give her a present that will signify the love you feel for her. And if you’re looking for a remarkable gift for your sub, consider buying this Moon Choker Fetish! This collar alone is enough to confess how you feel about your slave.

This bondage choker features a strap made with acrylic and velvet. These materials feel smooth on the skin, making this neckband ideal for submissives with delicate skin. At the center of this stylish necklace, you’ll find a crescent moon stitched to it. This pendant can symbolize a promise of love and devotion for each other, but it can also mean that she’s off the market. Indeed, it’s a stylish way to tell everyone in the kink community that she’s already taken, so no one should dare to take her away from you.

Towards the ends of this symbolic accessory, you’ll see a short twisted curb chain and a lobster clasp. Not only do they add class to this hypnotic collar, but they also ensure that the choker will stay around your docile partner’s neck. Just hook the claw to one of the gourmet links to secure it in place.

Tell her how much you love her—in a stylish way. Grab this Moon Choker Fetish now!

Color Collar: Red
Pendant: Gold-Plated
Material Collar: Acrylic + Velvet
Pendant: Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length:
Collar - 11.42 – 14.17 inches (Adjustable)
Pendant - 0.91 inch
Collar - 0.79 inch
Pendant - 0.87 inch

Moon Choker Fetish

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