Mouth Wide Open Dental Gag
Mouth Wide Open Dental Gag
Mouth Wide Open Dental Gag
Mouth Wide Open Dental Gag
Mouth Wide Open Dental Gag

Who doesn't like to see men and women in white coats? They look so clean and hot that you want to be one of their patients. You want to set an appointment with them and have a dental check-up with these guys and ladies in white coats. And if you're lucky enough, you can get down and dirty with your dentist after the check-up.

But this erotic fantasy can only happen in porn movies unless you turn that dream into reality! To make that happen, you need to have the famous white coat, some dental tools, and of course, this Mouth Wide Open Dental Gag. Say ahh and let your "dentist" put this in your mouth to check every part of it.

Made of PVC, this dental-tool-turned-BDSM-gag has crescent-shaped openers that spread your mouth wide the moment they're in your cheeks. Meanwhile, the C-shaped handle holds them in place so they don't fall off in the middle of the scene. With this gag in your mouth, the only thing you'll say is "ahh."

Ready to turn your medical fetish dream into reality? Set up the mood by doing a roleplay! Sit on a chair and let your "dentist" put this gag in your cheeks. Allow him to examine your mouth using his tongue or his mighty erection. Then, take his prescription by swallowing his sweet essence. In just a matter of time, your dental problem will be gone!

When the session is over, clean this mouth prop thoroughly before storing it. Wash this gear with mild soap and warm water, then pat it with a clean cloth to dry, and keep it in a cool, dry place.

Set your next wild and wicked appointment with your dentist. Go ahead and get this Mouth Wide Open Dental Gag before the supplies run out!

Color Clear
Material PVC
Dimension Length: 3.35 inches (8.5 cm)
Width/Diameter: 1.57 inches (4 cm)
Thickness: 0.79 inch (2 cm)


Mouth Wide Open Dental Gag

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