Natural Bamboo Spanking Cane
Natural Bamboo Spanking Cane
Natural Bamboo Spanking Cane

Perhaps you are losing your touch because when you tried to approach your lover, he was not happy to oblige to your whims. Or maybe, he wants to heighten up the mood by adding some sensory play to your boring sex life.

He has been asking you to give him a better spanking and, all you do is slap his cheeky butt with your hands. What better way to surprise him than by giving in to his wishes? It's time to grab Natural Bamboo Spanking Cane to upgrade your kinky encounters.

This is a fun and easy spanking tool to start your journey to impact play. It's a no-fuss instrument that is beginner-friendly but can be enjoyed by expert BDSM practitioners as well. This rod has a solid handle that offers the flogger a stable grip for better playing. It has an interlacing black and red pattern that presents a visual stimulant. You see, BDSM is not just about the session itself. It is also about optical aesthetics.

Moreover, the bamboo rod offers a unique punishing sensation to the Sub. Bamboo is a much more forgiving medium in flogging as it has a softer surface. But don't be fooled because this punishing tool offers extensive and painful lashes. So, better start with a light hand before proceeding to more formidable hitting.

As bamboo can break, exerting extreme force will ruin this can for you. So, you better practice on a pillow before hitting your partner's body. Also, following the rules to a safe whipping session means discussing the dos and don'ts of impact playing. Consent and safe words should be clear and established before anything else.

When you are done, make sure to wipe the rod with a dry cloth before storing it.

You know you are in dire need of an upgrade. Make sure to add this kinky rod to your purchase today!

Color/Type Handle: Black and red
Stick: Light Brown
Material Bamboo
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Natural Bamboo Spanking Cane

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