Naughty Mistress Scourge Whip
Naughty Mistress Scourge Whip

The allure of the color red has always been your weakness. This powerful color gravitates to you as a Master, and best describes your personality. You're not boring or mundane. You always like to be passionate and emphatic—to be in control of everything, may it be in your daily life or bed.

That is why you are curious about the Naughty Mistress Scourge Whip. Physically, it checks out all your desires for a whip.

And why not? This exquisite tool is made of PU leather. With this lash, you get to enjoy a 10.63 inched handle that will help you grasp this properly during use. The braided design adds texture to your hold for you to better clutch the whip. Also, the added wrist loop will make sure this device will not fall off during intense wielding.

But the real charm of this tool is its braided tail that extends up to 51.18 inches. This thickened leather strip allows for painful lashes that will surely subdue your lover. This length is not to be taken lightly, as it may be hard for a beginner to control. But for seasoned impact players, this will create the most erotic feeling of all!

Then, the tip of this devilish punisher has a devil's tail for added impact. Best believe your Sub will know you meant business when this is used.

This whip can be used for softer, titillating moments, contrary to its menacing look. You can slide this over sensitive areas of the body and let your partner feel the texture, slowly building momentum. That is the beauty of this slapper—the Master is in command. Just imagine this man using the whip in this impact play porn video. It would have made things better! 

Don't forget to get your Sub's total consent before the deed. Examine pain tolerance and assign safe words when things get too much to handle. Safety is a top priority and should be discussed thoroughly.

This scarlet-colored whip will become your favorite kinky flogger. Make sure you purchase it today!



Color/Type Red
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Total: 51.18 inches Handle: 10.63 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A

Naughty Mistress Scourge Whip

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