Naughty Surprise Silk Blindfold
Naughty Surprise Silk Blindfold
Naughty Surprise Silk Blindfold
Naughty Surprise Silk Blindfold
Naughty Surprise Silk Blindfold

The most relaxing time for you is when you close your eyes to cap the day off. Self-preservation and mental health are your number priority and, that includes sleep, a lot of sleep. To make yourself calm for the goodnight's rest, you love the help of an eye patch over your eyes. It helps you keep your weary eyes closed until you claim that deep slumber.

The Naughty Surprise Silk Blindfold is an upgrade for your traditional eye cover. It's not only to help you sleep, but it is also a spicy addition to your bedroom play.

The skin around the eyes is fragile and sensitive. That is why you need something like this made of high-grade silk items. You don't have to worry about skin rashes as this fabric is soft and has the fluffiest surface out there. Silk is highly used in fashion as it conveys both the delicate and sultry aspects of a fine dress.

The genius eye patch design works well as intended. Also, it includes an elastic belt that you can easily adjust according to your head size. It has tiny latchets that will give you enough leeway to make it snugger as you prefer it to be.

Are you all about the looks too? Well, good thing this pretty accessory comes in four mesmerizing colors. You have a dainty pink, a lovely blue, classic grey, and a gorgeous flesh option.

Of course, with your wild imagination, you can turn this eye cover into a kinky tool. Imagine wearing this on as your lover traces your every body part. Now that's a way to end the day!

Give this a quick wash regularly using warm water and mild soap. Then, dry this on a shaded area before keeping it on its box.

Great sex is an outstanding way to destress, so make sure you add this to your cart today!

Color/Type Flesh, Blue, Grey, Pink
Material Silk
Dimension Length: 8.03 inches
Width/Diameter: 3.82 inches
Thickness: 0.2 inch

Naughty Surprise Silk Blindfold

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