Nipple Jewelry Non Pierced
Nipple Jewelry Non Pierced
Nipple Jewelry Non Pierced

Your boobs are your partner’s favorite body parts. You can say so because he always stares at them, whether you’re wearing a push-up bra or none at all! But what gives that away is during your foreplay. He spends minutes caressing and sucking your melons. He even fiddles with them while he fucks you from your behind. He also sucks or watches your mountains bouncing up and down as you pound on him. He just can't take his eyes, hands, and lips off your sweet nips!

But you can take his liking to your tits further. All you need are nipple piercings. However, getting such jewelry isn’t easy. You have to ensure that the piercing shop is reliable as you need to have your nipples pierced there.

But why go through all these things when you can get the Tits Don’t Lie Non Pierced jewelry instead? Like nipple piercings, these hypnotic jewels will adorn your breasts. But unlike those accessories, they don’t need to be pierced through your nipples. They’re just placed around your areolas, and that’s it!

Each ring is accented with tassels made of small metal balls. These ornaments brush against your skin as your boobs sway or bounce with every move. Above these tassels are tiny crystals that come in two colors: pink and white. Not only do they give an added charm to these accessories, but they also make your titties more inviting. Rest assured that your partner won’t keep his hands off your hooters once you wear them.

This trendy jewelry comes in two, so both of your nips will be highlighted. They’re also made of stainless steel; hence, they’re safe for your skin. So why look for other nipple accessories when you can enjoy these benefits and more with the Tits Don’t Lie Non Pierced jewelry? Hurry and buy now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Package Inclusion 2 X Dangling Non-Pierced rings

Nipple Jewelry Non Pierced

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  • $28.99

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