Nipple Squeezer Magnetic Clamps
Nipple Squeezer Magnetic Clamps
Nipple Squeezer Magnetic Clamps
Nipple Squeezer Magnetic Clamps
Nipple Squeezer Magnetic Clamps

How you wish your partner is crazy about boobs and nips because clearly, your partner is not into them. You want those nubs in his mouth— nibbled with his teeth and sucked with his lips. Licked? Oh, yes, that, too!

Don’t pity yourself because there’s still a way to get your delicious nips stimulated. With the Nipple Squeezer Magnetic Clamps, you finally get to enjoy a pinch that keeps on giving pleasure to your tits! Unlike clamps with jaws or arms, these are magnetic.

The set includes four cone-shaped nip clamps as you need two pairs to pinch both nipples. Place these strong magnetic cones on either side of your tits, and you will feel an instant squeeze. Thanks to the strong attraction of the two opposing poles, the two will pull each other, resulting in a tight, scintillating grip.

If you want to accessorize your tities, but you don’t want them to get pierced, these magnetic squeezers are fantastic solutions. Now you won’t have to endure the pain of getting your chest raisins punctured.

For the most erotic experience, warm up your nipples before letting them gripped with magnets. If your partner doesn't indulge you, then caress them with your own hands till they become firm and pert! It's the perfect moment to place the magnets on your areola. Feel the throbbing sensations and take the magnetic clamps off when your tities begin to feel numb. More than ten minutes of nipple pinching will harm your tits instead of giving you pleasure.

Relish the wonderful explosion of erotic sensations when you take off the powerful magnetic squeezers. Seize the moment to stimulate your nipples because they’re most sensitive to stimulation once blood rushes back to the area. And if you’re lucky, you’ll experience that elusive nipplegasm. Silver or black, choose your weapon. Buy now!

Color Silver, Black
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 0.71 inch (1.8 cm)
Width/Diameter: 0.24 inch (0.6 cm)
Weight: 0.011 lbs.

Nipple Squeezer Magnetic Clamps

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