No Frills Breathable Drooling Gags
No Frills Breathable Drooling Gags
No Frills Breathable Drooling Gags
No Frills Breathable Drooling Gags

Your guy seems to have lost his interest in having sex. He'd drink beer at a club or watch his favorite ball game on TV instead. What has changed? Your body is still as hot as before. Maybe it's high time you got more daring and adventurous in sex. Perhaps he's sick and tired of the monotony of vanilla sex. Kiss, embrace, undress, then pump! Break free from this routine by trying out something new!

Exploring means getting sex toys and tools to spice things up behind closed doors. Grab a dildo, a vibrator, a pair of shackles to get you bound, and the all-new No Frills Breathable Drooling Gags. Submit yourself to him by letting him use your body for his pleasure. Don't worry because the more turned on he is, the more satisfaction you'll get in return. Allow yourself to be dominated because you'll be rewarded with infinite bliss once he grinds you.

The gag will block your mouth to limit your freedom of expression. It will suppress your screams of delight and make every uttered word unintelligible. And if you keep talking and screaming, you'll be drooling profusely. But, hey, you'll be making him slobber with lust, too, because the sight of you salivating will boost his libido in ways you can't imagine. New to using a gag? Fret not! The holes will let you breathe normally.

The gag will stay put in your mouth if you wrap the nylon strap around your head. The belt will fit as it's completely adjustable. The ladder lock buckle will secure the belt.

Without any unnecessary attachments and complicated design, it's easy to use. This squeal blocker is also easy to clean. Wash the ball and the strap with soapy water, rinse, then dry.

Don't bore your guy with vanilla. Spice it up for a truly gratifying experience. Buy now!

Color Black, Red, Pink
Material TPE (Ball)
Dimension Length: Total Length: 25.59 inches (65 cm)
Width/Diameter: Ball: 1.77 inches (4.5 cm)

No Frills Breathable Drooling Gags

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