No Peeking Satin Blindfold
No Peeking Satin Blindfold
No Peeking Satin Blindfold
No Peeking Satin Blindfold

Kiss and caress intimately before you get to the main act. It sounds romantic, sweet, and vanilla. But who will never get tired of such foreplay after years of sleeping together? You are starting to get bored with the routine, and who can blame you? The drill is repetitive, monotonous, and mundane.

Let your intimate moments sizzle with the No Peeking Satin Blindfold. Let this smooth piece of satin elevate your senses and heighten your sensations. Tease and flirt with your partner by sliding this strip of fabric all over their body, then wrap it around their head to cover their eyes. You, too, can have your eyes covered because you will find it more thrilling when you explore each other’s bodies.

As you are both deprived of your sense of sight, your other senses compensate. Hence, you become more receptive to every gentle touch or sweet caress. Every kiss feels so much more deliciously erotic. Lock lips while letting your hands roam to discover other regions of pleasure.

Kisses and touches that used to feel commonplace become extraordinary with this 56-inch blindfold. It will securely cover the eyes as it is 3 inches wide. Made of satin, it feels soft and silky to the skin. It is sensual, and it boosts sexual arousal.

The blindfold is versatile. You can use it to quell your partner and muffle their moans. And if you are sadistic, this soft fabric has the strength for choking or binding. It can be a multi-functional strip of fabric if you let your imagination run wild. Ladies can use it to tie their hair, too! It comes in purple, red, and black, so pick whatever suits your kink.

Keep it fresh and clean by washing it regularly. Iron press it to keep it wrinkle-free and super-smooth. Make your sexy moments more sensual and sensational soon when you buy yours today!

Color/Type Purple, Black, Red
Material Satin
Dimension Length: 59.06 inches (150 cm)
Width/Diameter: 2.95 inches (7.5 cm))

No Peeking Satin Blindfold

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