Enchanting Circle Non Piercing Nipple Shields
Enchanting Circle Non Piercing Nipple Shields
Enchanting Circle Non Piercing Nipple Shields

No pain, no gain. Sometimes you believe it, but sometimes you don’t. If there are shortcuts to becoming more attractive, you grab it right on the spot.

You wear clip-on earrings, and they look just as great as those pierced through the ears. Why do you have to get punctured with a needle if there are other options, right?

Since you love to accessorize, you want to make your nakedness extra special for your partner. And the good news is, you can adorn your nipples with jewelry without getting your precious chest raisins pricked.

Magnetize your man’s gaze with the Enchanting Circle Non Piercing Nipple Shields. These stunning pieces are flower-inspired. A series of egg-shaped petals are connected, forming an incomplete circle as the ends don’t meet. Each petal is embellished with a blue crystal in a flawless round cut.

Putting the pair on is easy. Hold both ends with your fingers to widen the opening, then place the jewelry around the base of your nipple. The shield adjusts to any size of tits, and it’s tight enough to stay in place. Dance like there’s no tomorrow or hump as wild as you can, and they will still be embracing your tits.

These clip-on nipple decors are made of premium stainless steel. It’s a type of metal safe for body use because it’s hypoallergenic and non-porous. The jewelry pieces will also last because this steel is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. These intimate jewelry pieces are easy to clean; indeed, they don’t require regular cleaning. Each is made smooth for comfortable wearing from the front side to the back.

Make your nipples look enchanting without the ouch. And you won’t have to deprive your pair of getting stimulated because there’s no need for healing time. Enjoy the attention when they’re on your tits soon when you buy them now!

Color Silver and Blue
Material Stainless Steel
Cubic Zirconia
Dimension Length: NA
Width/Diameter: NA
Package Inclusion 2 pcs clip-on rings

Enchanting Circle Non Piercing Nipple Shields

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