Non-Toxic Breathable Pear Gag
Non-Toxic Breathable Pear Gag
Non-Toxic Breathable Pear Gag

Silent play is a BDSM activity that involves using oral stuffing tools to create an atmosphere that can focus more on the intensity of the scene rather than getting distracted by the loud moanings of a submissive. It is the act of depriving a sub’s ability to speak. It can be done as a form of punishment or simply just an act to intensify the play. And one best example of this kinky activity is the use of this Non-Toxic Breathable Pear Gag.

When it comes to safety, you can never go wrong in choosing PVC-based gags in making your BDSM silent play happen. It is safe to be in contact with the wearer’s mouth as it is a hypoallergenic and non-toxic material. It is soft and supple, too. It is neither easy nor overwhelming to wear, so your partner won’t find it hard to consent. It has a hole in the middle part that gives your submissive access to an air source.

What holds the gag is a PU leather strap that is made adjustable to accommodate many head circumferences. You can be sure to have one set suitable for your submissive. It has a belt-like buckle you need to fasten to hold the pear-shaped gag in place. So even if you use it on your partner for a long time, it won’t move or fall off easily. Both parts that made up this piece are durable and can withstand extreme playing. Make sure you grab your other torment devices and inflict her with pleasurable pain. You’ll never know how far you can go with this oral stuffing toy.

When it comes vying for gag plays, it is a must to wash its surface with warm water and mild soap. Dry its surface using a towel or any other soft cloth to keep its good quality intact. Never soak the PU leather strap in water, though. Doing so may result in the deformation of the toy’s surface.

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Color Black
Material Strap- PU Leather
gag- PVC
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Non-Toxic Breathable Pear Gag

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