Obedient Slave Black Gag Strap

Are two (cock) heads better than one? Of course! What about getting two gags for the price of one? Absolutely! And that's what you'll get when you grab this Obedient Slave Black Gag Strap. Enjoy muffling your partner in more ways than one.

The bondage tool comes with leather straps that you can wrap around the wearer's head. In addition, these belts have buckles that provide security and comfort for the user, as they allow you to adjust the harness' fit.

At the one end of each strap is where an O-ring lies. These metallic rings are where you can connect the gag of your choice. Just wrap the gag's straps around these circles, then snap the buttons to secure them in place.

And speaking of the gag, this product comes with not just one but two mouth stuffing, allowing you to choose a tool that suits the scene you want to happen. Want to see your partner drool as you ravish their hot, sensitive body? Go for the gag! This silicone sphere of pleasure, like the one used in this video, has holes all over, enabling your lover to breathe while it's in their mouth. Nonetheless, it will make them drool non-stop as it will prevent your lover from closing their luscious lips. So enjoy watching your submissive partner's spit dripping as they groan with ecstasy!

What if you're in the mood for some pet play? Don't worry; this tool has got you covered! Besides the gag, it also comes with a cushiony mouth stick covered with synthetic leather. It is safe to bite on as it is toxic-free. Just don't forget to wipe its surface with a wet cloth, followed by a dry one, before putting it in your partner's mouth. And oh, don't forget to establish a safe gesture, so you'll know if it's time to stop.

Create different bondage scenes and turn them into reality with this Obedient Slave Black Gag Strap. Get one now!


Color Black
Material Straps: Synthetic Leather
gag: Silicone
Mouth Stick: Sponge + Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length:
Mouth Stick - 4.72 inches (12 cm)
Straps (Adjustable Circumference) - 10.24-17.72 inches (26-45 cm)
gag - 1.77 inches (4.5 cm)
Mouth Stick - 1.57 inches (4 cm)

Obedient Slave Black Gag Strap

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