Obey All Day Tube Gag
Obey All Day Tube Gag
Obey All Day Tube Gag
Obey All Day Tube Gag

While others take it lightly, you're the type of Dom who can't be messed around with. Disobedience is one thing you won't tolerate, and you'll do everything in your power to curtail it.

When your slave talks back, make sure you have a reliable tool to shut her up and make her an obedient slave who doesn't complain and doesn't question your authority. You can depend on this Obey All Day Tube Gag because it will get the job done seamlessly.

A tube gag reminiscent of a horse's bit, it's perfect for kinky couples who are into pony play. This scream suppressor is cylindrical. It's firm, but it's flexible. Push the tube into her mouth to deprive her of the freedom to speak. She'll be as quiet as a mute because every attempt at talking will make her drool. Not only will she look like a bimbo with every unintelligible word that comes out of her mouth, but she'll also be humiliated for salivating profusely.

It's alright to stuff her mouth with this bit because it's not as rigid as metal or plastic. She can bite on it more comfortably if ever you spank her hard or clamp her clit. Ouch!

Its ends are looped into the O-rings that provide sturdy connections to the strap. Wrap this belt around her head to make sure she's bound to her bit gag all day long.

Equipped with a metal buckle, it's easy to fasten and secure. There are plenty of holes where the buckle tongue can get through, which means you can adjust it accordingly till it fits right. The high-quality PU leather strap is stitched on the edges for style and durability. At the end of every session, wash the rubber tube with warm, soapy water.

For a sub who refuses to follow orders, you know exactly what to do. Buy now!

Color Red, Black
Material Silicone (Gag)
PU Leather (Strap)
Dimension Length: 24.80 inches (63 cm)
Width/Diameter: NA

Obey All Day Tube Gag

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