Oral Fascination Inflatable Mouth Gag
Oral Fascination Inflatable Mouth Gag
Oral Fascination Inflatable Mouth Gag

Regular ropes no longer work in shutting your partner's mouth. She is still able to utter and blabber. Damn!

If her every cry annoys you during sex, then stuff that nasty mouth with a device that will occupy the space inside. Use the Oral Fascination Inflatable Mouth Gag, and be fascinated with how it works on silencing your lover!

While other gags just fill the mouth, this elongated, heart-shaped stuffing works like magic as it grows inside. With a few pumps, you can fill her mouth such that there's no room for her tongue and lips to move anymore. It's made of genuine latex—that's why it stretches to an extent. It's rubbery, smooth, and glossy in texture, making it the number one choice material for this product. It measures just the right amount of width that fits the lips, so you can never go wrong in choosing this—unless you have allergies to latex. Some people have an allergic reaction to this material, so have yourself checked if you are one of them. This mouth gag also comes with a pump with a valve that serves as its air and pressure regulator. Plus, of course, it has the hose where the air flows.

Before getting into the real action, set each other's expectations. Create a list of dos and don'ts during the play. Assign a safe gesture, like a knock or a kick that will refrain you from what you might excessively do. Then, perform your duties in the play and enjoy the fun until you cum!

After use, deflate the gag and rinse it immediately with warm water and gentle liquid laundry soap. Dry it with a clean cloth, ensuring no water droplets on it before storing it in your sex toys box.

It's ready to wear once you receive it from your mail, so get this Oral Fascination Inflatable Mouth Gag and install it to her mouth right away!

Color Black
Material Latex
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: Inflatable

Oral Fascination Inflatable Mouth Gag

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