Oral Punishment Fetish Latex Gag
Oral Punishment Fetish Latex Gag

It all started with that pair of latex pants you saw on a music video. You thought it looked cool, so you immediately bought one online. You were fascinated with how it felt on your skin, and it had you feel excited to wear one. And like a person who needs a fix, you bought another piece. It only took you a short while to get latex toys too. And if you're looking for a toy that will satisfy your need for dominance and your latex fetish, then this Oral Punishment Fetish Latex Gag will help you make that happen. This latex gag will help you discipline your sub, as it has a plug that will suppress her voice. The base of this plug is attached to a latex strap. Wrap it around your sub's head and lock it in like a belt. There are plenty of holes to make this restraint suitable for most head sizes. No matter how hard your slave struggles, she won't be able to spit or get this plug out of her wet mouth. Make your sub wear this long enough until she drools profusely.

As someone who likes latex a lot, you should know better than putting this piece in the washing machine or dryer. Indeed, all you have to do is handwash it under a basin with warm water and mild soap. Wipe it dry with a clean cloth after giving it a thorough rinse. Also, as this piece is rubber, you should check if your partner has an allergic reaction to its material. It is also essential to establish a safe gesture that your sub can easily do, just in case there's something off during your bondage play.

Quench your need to feel dominant and satiate your latex fetish by getting this rubber gag today!

Color Black
Material Latex
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Oral Punishment Fetish Latex Gag

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