Padded Leather Mitten Restraint
Padded Leather Mitten Restraint
Padded Leather Mitten Restraint
Padded Leather Mitten Restraint
Padded Leather Mitten Restraint
Padded Leather Mitten Restraint

Debilitating your sub can be as simple as tying his wrists together—or it can be as complicated as doing an all-body restriction. Being the Master over your slave entails you exploring several confinement devices. This way, you can judge just where you can take your BDSM activities.

The Padded Leather Mitten Restraint is nothing sort of ordinary. This hand bondage has something to offer to regular handcuffs!

Sleek and easy to wear, these mittens will give you a different restraint experience. They look stunning with their PU leather coverings. This material is durable in that it can withstand long hours of use. This is much like genuine leather minus the hefty price!

You will have loose-fitting mittens that will allow your sub to place his hands with room to move. The 7.28 inches length with 5.51 inches width is enough even for larger-sized hands. The sleek black color of this pair will give you the freedom to match them with your other kinky pieces.

Additionally, this glove-like bondage gear has an adjustable belt for your comfort. There are also D-rings attached to the side of the mittens. This is where you are supposed to attach fasteners for added weight or when you want to connect them to a piece of furniture.

You can use one piece of this mitten restraint just to test the waters with your sub. If you feel like he is ready for more, you can use both mitts and punish him well! Spank, delay gratification, do all the dirty stuff he likes!

Strapped and helpless, make sure you get your safe words in place. You know how these BDSM sessions can get!

After the session, give these tools some by wiping them with a soapy solution. Make a habit of applying talc on the insides of the mittens to avoid bacterial accumulation.

Need more convincing? There is one way to find out! Add this to your purchase now!

Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: 7.28 inches (18.5 cm)
Width/Diameter: 5.51inches (14 cm)

Padded Leather Mitten Restraint

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