Pain and Pleasure Wax Play Candles
Pain and Pleasure Wax Play Candles
Pain and Pleasure Wax Play Candles
Pain and Pleasure Wax Play Candles
Pain and Pleasure Wax Play Candles

Pleasuring your Master has been pretty tricky lately. He used to be very reactive to your erotic actions. But now, he seems bored and ready to end the session before it even begins!

You are an attentive lover, and you don't appreciate it when your partner is not having the best time in bed. That is why you are looking for ways to bring excitement back.

How about you try the Pain and Pleasure Wax Play Candles? It will surprise you with its erotic factor! Yes, these are candles, but not just your ordinary ones made of pure paraffin wax.

These pieces use jasmine extract, shea butter, soybean oil, and many naturally-occurring ingredients! Made to be enjoyed in bed, you can use it during your intimate time for an extended period with its 127 grams of safe-to-use wax. Dripping the melted candle on your partner's body will enhance the whole experience, making it unforgettable. Also, having just the right amount of heat on specific parts of your body heightens the sexual experience to a whole new level.

You don't need to be a BDSM expert to appreciate this erotic activity. But still, you have to talk to your partner about safety. With this kind of session, you also need to assess pain tolerance and other factors that may affect the experience. Never neglect these elements as they are essential to enjoy the wax play.

After the session, make sure you do aftercare. The drippings on the body can be removed by slowly brushing them off during a warm bath. Also, you have to remember to line the bed with a plastic cover before the session, as wax may become a bit stubborn to take off when it's hardened. An extra sheath lining will help clean-up become easier.

So what's keeping you from trying out this sensory tool? Make that purchase today!

Color/Type Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow
Material Wax
Dimension Length: N/A
Volume: 127 grams

Pain and Pleasure Wax Play Candles

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