Pearly Clover Clamp Chain
Pearly Clover Clamp Chain

Counting the stains on a clean wall while your Dom gives you the usual punishment? Your routine has started to feel so familiar that everything feels dull. Without pain and challenge, you feel like your sessions are sliding back to vanilla. That's fine, but it isn’t your favorite.

You crave tingles that spread all over your body, and your nipples are screaming for attention. Send the message clearly to your Master with the Pearly Clover Clamp Chain. It features a pair of tit clips joined by a golden chain with a pearl cradled in each link. The chain will beautifully drape on your chest while the clover clamps grip your nippies. And when it comes to these pinchers, never will you ever get bored! These are clover clamps, the most savage of all clamps ever made.

The clamps are as fierce as your libido and desire. They can’t be adjusted to lessen the intensity of the squeeze, which is why they’re reserved only for the tough and experienced. What makes them unforgiving? They get tighter when weight is added or when they’re pulled down. With a chain to pull, anchor, or add weight to, these nipple nips will make you scream.

With rubber-tipped jaws, these pinchers won’t bite your nipples with harshness. Although they’re cushioned, do not attempt to use them for more than 10 minutes without breaks, or you'll have damaged nerve endings. You should keep an eye on them while they're squeezed with these pleasure clips.

You can enjoy many wild sessions ahead as the clamps are crafted from premium metal. You can also rely on the structure as the bits and pieces are put together with precision.

From the two options, which will best complement your favorite lingerie? The choices are equally chic; which will you pick? Hurry and buy now!

Color Gunmetal with Golden Chain and White Pearls
Gunmetal with Golden Chain and Red Pearls
Material Metal
Dimension Length: 3.39 inches (86 mm)
Flower - 0.84 inch (21.3 mm)
Maximum Opening of the Clip - 0.41 inch (10.5 mm)
Chain Thickness - 0.33 inch (8.5 mm)
Weight: N/A

Pearly Clover Clamp Chain

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