Pink Princess Latex Collar
Pink Princess Latex Collar
Pink Princess Latex Collar

Are you looking for more accessories to pair with your newly-bought french maid costume? Perhaps you don’t find it sassy enough, or you somehow think that your new suit needs to be more seductive and pleasing to the eyes. Maybe it’s a little bit boring, and you need to upgrade its look, but you’re not sure how to do it. But one thing is for sure; you don’t want to pass the opportunity to wear it and let another chance of good roleplay sex go to waste. By hook or by crook, you’ve got to use it, so you need to think of add-ons to make it look better. But what is it? Is it a pair of gloves? Shoes? Headpiece? A collar, maybe? Poof! It’s indeed a collar!

Well, say no more. The thing you need to save your pesky purchase is here: the Pink Princess Latex Collar! This rubber collar is guaranteed to make anything prettier in just a snap. It is made of high-quality latex, a pliable and durable material dominating the BDSM scene since fetishists knew how sensually promising it is. The design of this collar fits whatever way you want to use it for—whether you want to be a seductive maid or a naïve princess. You can even make your partner wear it, indulge in exciting power exchange, and turn him into a sissy.

It has a baby pink strap which suits well with anything. Latex is famous for giving the impression of being a second skin, so you can expect this collar to deliver a snug but comfortable fit. The white rubber ruffles on the sides soften the look of this choker more. To seal the deal, a tiny white bow is glued to the center of the strap for that ultra-feminine look. A pair of rivet snap fasteners join both ends of the collar to secure the piece to the wearer’s neck.

Now that you know what your dull costume is missing, you know what to do. Hurry and buy the Pink Princess Latex Collar today!

Color Pink with White
Material Latex
Dimension Length: Refer to Chart Size
Width/Diameter: N/A

Pink Princess Latex Collar

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