Planetary Sub Collar Jewelry
Planetary Sub Collar Jewelry
Planetary Sub Collar Jewelry
Planetary Sub Collar Jewelry

It’s your first DDLG relationship, and you are currently on your adjustment period. This Sub of yours is different from all the others that you were involved with. So much so that it made you change your mind about the type of kinky union you want to have. Now the only problem is that you don’t know how to pamper a Sub. Well, you have to start somewhere. Here’s a product that can help you be the Daddy Dom of her dreams: the Planetary Sub Collar Jewelry.

If you’re searching for the perfect accessory to show what your partner means to you, then look no further because this is it. This choker is not only aesthetically pleasing; it will also remind your Sub that no matter how lenient you are, she is still your property. Making her wear this is a way of telling the world about your affair without making her look trashy. Everybody wins.

This discreet day collar is made of faux leather, alloy, and rhinestones—all lightweight and durable materials widely used in fashion accessories. It comes in an elegant combination of black and gold, which your Sub can pair with almost anything. The black strap measures 34 cm with a 7 cm allowance to deliver a snug fit on your partner’s neck. Don’t worry; this piece is suitable for long hours of wearing, so she won’t mind flaunting it all day. A planet-shaped pendant hangs at the center of the choker, studded with black and crystal rhinestones. It even has a gold-colored ring and star. What a way to tell her that she’s your universe! A lobster hook clasp fastens both ends of the strap together securely.

Keep this piece of jewelry in top shape by giving time to clean it after each use. Then, keep this in an airtight container, away from moisture and extreme heat.

Don’t deny your Baby Girl the world. Give her one. Buy the Planetary Sub Collar Jewelry today!

Color Black with Gold
Material Faux Leather, Alloy, Rhinestones
Dimension Length: 13.39 inches (34 cm) + 2.95 inches (7 cm)
Width/Diameter: Pendant: 1.42 inches (3.6 cm)

Planetary Sub Collar Jewelry

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