Lay Bare Pleasure Swing
Lay Bare Pleasure Swing
Lay Bare Pleasure Swing

Seeing how satisfied your partner is when you give him oral pleasure is unforgettable. He is a bit shy and sometimes pushes you away when you devour him down there. You get flustered, but you know that this is something he has to ease into.

As he enjoys being bound and being spanked, it is high time that you explored other sex tools. It should be an apparatus that will guide him into opening up to you. And what better way to initiate 'chill' sex than with the Lay Bare Pleasure Swing?

Suspended in the air, relaxing as you please him, there's no place he would rather be. The PU leather material is luxe on the skin and will surely create a comfortable haven for him. This material is skin-friendly and will offer sturdy support for your partner. Unlike other swings, this item features substantial back support to give your partner assistance. Make him feel exceptional pleasure like a true king. The straps that support the body rest are adjustable so, you can easily set this up to your preferred height. There are two bands on the upper portion of the chair then two at the bottom for a more secured lift. Additionally, you have to attach the cords to a sturdy foundation to make sure your partner is safe as he sits.

As with any new sex act, make sure you discuss the safety rules of this activity. Never conduct the deed in a hurry or when you have had too much to drink. Being suspended on a swing will need your full attention.

After the session, you can then wipe the parts with your preferred disinfectant. It's best to avoid exposing the PU leather parts to too much heat or moisture as it will cause disintegration of the material.

Treat him with a relaxing sex experience that will open up those legs. As much as he deserves the special treatment, you deserve to be satisfied too! Add this to your collection today!

Color Black with Red details
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: 37.5 inches
Top: 23 inches
Bottom: 15 inches
Maximum load bearing capacity: N/A

Lay Bare Pleasure Swing

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