Horny Bitch Portable Fuck Machine
Horny Bitch Portable Fuck Machine
Horny Bitch Portable Fuck Machine
Horny Bitch Portable Fuck Machine
Horny Bitch Portable Fuck Machine
Horny Bitch Portable Fuck Machine

LDR sucks. Besides the costly travel to meet and fuck, distance also takes a toll on your relationship. It takes away moments to cuddle and make love. Needless to say, you are always thinking that your girlfriend might be getting sex from other guys.

If you’re considering giving her an LV bag, why not just give her a more special one on her big day? How about gifting her with something naughty and intimate like the Horny Bitch Portable Fuck Machine? A sex machine conveniently tucked in its own bag, it promises bliss whenever your girlfriend gets horny.

Discreetly hidden in a stylish handbag, this sex machine will provide realistic penetrative sex. It won’t take so much of her time to set up. All she has to do is open the bag, place the dildo on the drill, then rotate it counterclockwise to keep it in place. Equipped with handle screws, the dildo can be adjusted up to 90 degrees to let your bitch enjoy different sex positions hands-free! She can use the pads to kneel on while she’s being pounded in her pussy.

The remote control ensures enjoyable hands-free play. All she has to do is press the wireless controller to adjust the thrusting speed and take control of the vibration, rotation, and heating features of this fuck machine.

With a speed of 90-240 strokes per minute, this sex buddy will make her curl her toes and bite her lips. Set up a video call for one steamy virtual sesh. Talk dirty to her as if you were the one dicking her ladybits. She’ll feel you making love with her despite the distance. And even when you are together, this pleasure machine will take your intimate moments to a whole new level.

Available in red, pink, and yellow, it’s one playful machine worthy of your investment. So why wait for her big day when you can buy it now and get it delivered to her doorstep soon?

Color Yellow, Pink, Red
Material Metal
Dimension Length:
Dildo Gun: 8.66 inches (22 cm)
Open Bag: 12.99 inches (33 cm)
Closed Bag: 13. 39 inches (34 cm)
Dildo: 6 inches
Open Bag: 23.62 inches (60 cm)
Closed Bag: 5.51 inches (14 cm)

Horny Bitch Portable Fuck Machine

  • $423.99
    Unit price per 
  • $847.99

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