Cum Closer Portable Sex Sling
Cum Closer Portable Sex Sling
Cum Closer Portable Sex Sling

Let’s face it; it’s hard to have sex or even make out with a person who’s much taller or shorter than you. Romantic movies make it look easy, but in reality, it’s challenging. If you’re the shorter partner, your neck will suffer from being bent back. If you’re the taller one—on the other hand—you will also get hurt from bending over. And if you’re trying to screw each other on a standing position, it would be difficult, too, unless the taller partner carries the shorter one. But then again, it would cause backaches, especially if the one being held is a bit heavy.

If you’re currently facing this kind of situation with your partner, consider your problem solved! This Cum Closer Portable Sex Sling will make your lovemaking more fun, thrilling, and, yes—easy.

Unlike other swings, this one doesn’t need a frame or a door. What it needs is a physical body. Your or your partner’s body serves as its stand as it is wearable. It has thick, cushioned straps that go over the shoulders of the wearer; thus, providing support when carrying the receiving partner. It also has adjustable nylon straps at the back, ensuring that the body sling won’t tear apart as the pounding gets intense. Then, there are the leg cuffs. Like the shoulder straps, these bands are also padded so that the receiving end can wear them around their thighs for extended periods. They’re also adjustable, making sure that they fit perfectly. With these features, you and your partner won’t have to deal with body pains whenever you make out or fuck each other. Best of all, you can now do different standing sex positions with ease!

So why endure the pain caused by a standing erotic position when you can enjoy the pleasure of this stance with this Cum Closer Portable Sex Sling? So go ahead; try this position. Just don’t forget to buy this product!

Color Black
Material Nylon Webbing Plush
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Maximum load bearing capacity: N/A

Cum Closer Portable Sex Sling

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