Power Play Leather Sex Restraints
Power Play Leather Sex Restraints
Power Play Leather Sex Restraints
Power Play Leather Sex Restraints
Power Play Leather Sex Restraints

Not all bondage tools restrict the user's movements. Some will let you do different stances and take them to a whole new level—like this strappy gear! The Power Play Leather Sex Restraints will allow you to explore and experiment with all erotic positions you can imagine.

The tool features four leather cuffs joined by small straps. The smaller cuffs are for the wrists, keeping your lover's hands out of your way as you savor her supple body. The bigger ones—on the other hand—are for her ankles. Wrap them around her ankles, and she won't be able to move her legs. Meanwhile, the straps that bind these cuffs together serve as a leg spreader. Once these cuffs are strapped around her hands and feet, you can stretch her thighs even further, and you now have the freedom to relish her juicy clam!

Use this fetishistic gear to bang her from her behind with no interruptions. Likewise, lay her down on your bed while her arms and legs are up in the air, then thrust deep and hard into her wet, puckered hole. Indeed, there are many wicked ways to incorporate this tool into your bedroom activities.

Be warned, though: not everyone is into this type of play. So before you dare to use this tool on your partner, you should talk to her first! Ask for her permission, then talk about some ground rules and limitations you'll follow. Don't forget to discuss the safe words or gestures you'll use during the play, so you'll know if the act is too much for her. Remember, BDSM should be enjoyed by both parties and not by the dominant partner alone.

So what's stopping you from getting the Power Play Leather Sex Restraints? Don't just sit there and wait for a miracle to happen! Get this gear and add it to your cart.

Color Black
Material Faux Leather
Dimension Length:
Full Length - 12.6 inches
Adjustable - 7.48 - 11.42 inches
Ankle Cuffs
Full Length - 14.96 inches
Adjustable - 9.06 - 13.78 inches
Width/Diameter: 2.76 inches

Power Play Leather Sex Restraints

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