Pressurized Inflatable Latex Hood
Pressurized Inflatable Latex Hood
Pressurized Inflatable Latex Hood

She was iffy when you first asked her to wear a latex suit. She thought she couldn't breathe in it. But the tables have turned 20 minutes right after she tried it. She loved the feeling of getting suffocated in a small space. Now, she's asking for more.

If breath-playing is your woman's thing, then you should elevate her tight suits and match it with the Pressurized Inflatable Latex Hood. This sex headgear will deprive her of air just how she likes it!

Asphyxiate your sweetheart as per her request without even touching her at all using this torture tool. It will limit her breathing, which will raise her libido for sure. Yes, it's risky to play. So make sure that you first speak with your partner regarding the rules and limits. Safe gestures should be assigned to keep it fun, safe, and sane. It is also essential to raise that some people are allergic to latex, so get her tested before getting this product.

It comes in six sizes. You can check the exact measurements in the table below to know what will fit your partner's head. You will receive a hood made of rubber once you place your order. It also comes with a hose with a mouth gag and a pump. The hose allows you to blow some air into the mouthpiece, expanding it and limiting the space inside the mouth. But don't worry! In case it becomes too tight, you can twist the valve on the pump to release some air. You can also loosen it right away by unzipping the zipper at the back of the hood so your partner can spit the gag.

Intensify your breath-deprivation plays by using this Pressurized Inflatable Latex Hood. We guarantee discreet shipping, so measure your woman's head, and get yours now!

Color Black
Material Latex
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL: Refer to the size chart below for the measurements.

Pressurized Inflatable Latex Hood

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