Punishment Friendly Spreader Bar
Punishment Friendly Spreader Bar
Punishment Friendly Spreader Bar
Punishment Friendly Spreader Bar

What's the point of being a master when you can't make your slave follow? If she resists your every maneuver, it's time to restrain her and show her who the leader is! Punish your partner using a device that will restrict her movements so you can freely do all that will please you. Try the Punishment Friendly bar on her, and let her learn her lesson!

While this tool is designed to punish your woman, you can be sure that it does not harm nor hurt her at all. It only limits her limb movements to allow you to do whatever you want on her as demonstrated here. It is a mechanism that spreads her legs to welcome you into her cave and dig into it until you go crazy with it! It is a long rod with loops on the ends where the chained cuffs for the ankles are attached. The metal rod is made of high-quality stainless steel. Don't worry about it breaking; only monsters can resist its hardness and strength. It also comes with cuffs for the wrists to control her hands if you find it too annoying during your play. 

All the cuffs use synthetic leather, with punched straps and buckles to allow adjustability and conformance to your woman's wrist and ankle girths. And should you need to extend the bar, you can do so by pulling the two ends and locking them at the hole on them with the rings that come with the set.

Seize your slave by putting on these cuffs and by locking them with the padlocks. Just remember not to lose the keys, or you will find it hard to remove the shackles.

Exploit her all you want once she's all tied up and restrained—that's the purpose of this device. Worry no more about getting denied of what you demand with this Punishment Friendly bar. Buy now!


Color Cuffs: Black
Rod: Silver
Material Rod: Metal
Cuffs: Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length:
Metal Rod - 23 inches
Cuffs - 12.99 inches
Cuffs - 1.97 x 0.16 inches


Punishment Friendly Spreader Bar

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