Punk-Styled Spiked Choker Collar

Parties, most of the time, end up in hookups. Especially when all the goers have the same interests, dancing and boozing on the floor will likely conclude wild sex in bed. So as a party animal, you should always dress in a good outfit to get a sexy night after the event.

Nothing beats the Punk-Styled Spiked Choker Collar in making your overall outfit a standout attire in the evening. Should you need to get attention from the crowd, wear this on your neck and be the star of the night! Who knows, you might end up with not just one but multiple partners that night?

Match this black collar with your favorite jacket or printed shirt, and look hot and daring. Its material, synthetic leather, shares the same qualities as genuine ones in terms of smell, toughness, and texture. So if you have a fetish for this thing, then you will like this, too. Surrounding the collar are metal spikes to add drama to it. Rest assured that your neck won't get pierced as these spikes are safe to use with their rounded tips. You also don't need to measure your neck's circumference as this choker is adjustable. It conforms to your neck's diameter with its punched strap and a buckle on its ends. Therefore, you can get to use it for years, even when your figure changes over time.

When it comes that this accessory gets stained, you can easily wipe off its surface with a leather-friendly, skin-safe cleaner to clean it. Never submerge it in water, or it will cause permanent damage to its quality.

Not only used as an ornament to your clothing, but you can also attach a leash on it should your sex mate wants a slave-master play. There is more to discover about its use, so get this Punk-Styled Spiked Choker Collar now to find them all!

Color Black + Silver
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Punk-Styled Spiked Choker Collar

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