Puppy Slave Latex Fetish Mask
Puppy Slave Latex Fetish Mask

It's funny how your woman likes cats but prefers to be a bitch. She'd bark at you as if she was waiting to get some bone. Well, give her what she wants! As her master, you need to reward her with the things she likes, too. Aside from your boner, you might as well give her this costume, the Puppy Slave Latex Fetish Mask.

If you've been playing the same flogging and spanking since then, it's time to amp up your session and venture into pet plays using this hood. It's easy to use! Apply some talc onto her face and easily slide the mask on until its holes sit right to their corresponding places. There are designated windows for the eyes, nose, and mouth to allow your slave to see, breathe, and talk or bark. It is a much better BDSM mask than the one used in this porn video.

It is made of latex, so have her tested for allergies first before getting one. Once confirmed that she can use it, you can go ahead and purchase this product. It's lightweight but is super tight-fitting. Of course, you don't want her to look like a bulldog with soggy skin during the play. Available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes, you can get the perfect mask for your woman to wear. So make sure to compare her measurements with the chart below.

Match this hood with animal-inspired tails, collars, and catsuits, and your woman will surely look like the real deal. Aside from wearing it inside the four corners of your sex dungeon, she can also use it in BDSM parades and marches. It is also a great costume for parties. But to make it last longer and use it for many occasions, learn how to take care of this latex hood. Never, ever iron this, or it will lose its beauty. Gently wash it with water and mild soap, or simply wipe it off with a latex cleaner-damped towel, and it should be good.

Don't wait for your woman to howl just to get what she wants! Buy this Puppy Slave Latex Fetish Mask for her now!


Color Black
Material Latex
Sizes S, M, L, XL: Refer to the size chart below for the measurements.

Puppy Slave Latex Fetish Mask

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