Ready for Punishment Adult Restraints
Ready for Punishment Adult Restraints
Ready for Punishment Adult Restraints
Ready for Punishment Adult Restraints
Ready for Punishment Adult Restraints
You can’t help but notice that your Submissive is acting extra bitchy lately. If she thinks you’ll let her misbehavior pass, then catch her off guard with the Ready for Punishment Adult Restraints. Tie her down and put her back in her place!

These versatile restraints are ready to cater to your every whim with premium-quality PU leather cuffs and heavy-duty straps. Making your partner stay still has never been this easy, as this item includes four cuffs and a crosstie to appease your naughty needs.

The design is straightforward. Hence, you do not need elaborate instructions to set up this BDSM tool. The only thing you need is creativity in thinking of various positions to wear it on your partner—and of course, she has to be limber!

It features four cuffs with durable straps to wrap around your Submissive’s wrists and ankles. All edges are seamlessly sewn with thick threads for optimum support. The belts are embellished with sparkly rhinestones for a classic look. These studs gleam when a light source hits them, so your partner appears to be glowing as she struggles to escape these restraints. These straps are fully adjustable, and you can tighten or loosen their fit by moving the buckles through the holes. The soft texture of the material makes it suitable to wear for extended periods without any woes of straining your partner’s limbs.

The crosstie offers sturdy restraint, too. The four straps are held together by a thick metal ring and are then fastened by rivet studs. All you have to do is assume your partner in a provocative position, clip this central piece to the cuffs, and start the fun!

These harnesses are lightweight and are made of non-delicate materials, so they require minimal upkeep. PU leather is UV-resistant, so you don’t have to be picky on its storage. These restraints are also stain-resistant, and you don’t have to wash them after every use.

The Ready for Punishment Adult Restraints is available in Red and Purple—it will surely liven up your boring all-black BDSM kit. What are you waiting for? Buy this now!
Color Purple, Red
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Ready for Punishment Adult Restraints

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