Rebels O-Ring Sex Collar
Rebels O-Ring Sex Collar
Rebels O-Ring Sex Collar

Whenever you play rough sex with your man, you notice that he's always so hesitant to inflict pain on you, especially when he chokes you with his hands. While he's just trying to play safe, you enjoy getting beaten so badly. But he loves you. So as much as possible, he doesn't want his bare hands to do any harm to your slender neck.

If he can't do it, then let this Rebels O-Ring Sex Collar do it for you. Get choked by the snug fit of this choker, and experience a real-like sadist's hands seizing your neck.

Made of premium synthetic leather, this collar resembles a genuine one's fragrance, appeal, and strength. It's earthy, rubbery, and looks sophisticated to wear. It is relatively thicker than most collars on the market to ensure a cover to the neck that mimics a hand's grip. It has a punched strap on one end and a metal buckle system on the other. These ends form a secure belt, allowing you to adjust its fit around the wearer's neck. It also has a ring at the front for a more daring look. But aside from it, you can use it when the necessity calls for some leashing action. Attach some chains to the ring, and get dragged by your partner as you play.

Do you find it easy to wear a belt? If so, then putting this on must be easy-breezy, too. Wrap your neck with the collar, then lock the belt, and that's it. Want to get choked really well? Tighten the straps! Can't breathe too much? Loosen the belt! The choice of fit is entirely yours!

Use it as a fashion accessory, too. It matches well with plunging neckline dresses and blouses—whatever color they are. The Rebels O-Ring Sex Collar comes in black, pink, and white, so don't hesitate to choose one! Grab yours now!

Color Black, Pink, White
Material Collar: PU Leather
O-Ring: Coated Metal
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Rebels O-Ring Sex Collar

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