Rechargeable Slave Shock Collar
Rechargeable Slave Shock Collar

Your Sub is a tough one. Although you’re very careful not to injure her physically, you sometimes can’t help but wonder when she’ll use her safewords—because the lady does not seem to know those. She remains at the receiving end while you inflict sensual torture on her. You wonder how far she can take it before she reaches her limit, and frankly, you are enjoying the challenge. The problem now is that you are running out of ideas to make her cave in.

This is your chance to make your Sub tap out. The Rechargeable Slave Shock Collar will deliver pressure and pleasure she has never felt before.

This torture tool has everything you need to make your partner beg for your mercy. The collar is adjustable faux leather, while the receiver is high-quality ABS. The two prongs on the electroshock device send sweet stings to your Sub’s neck every time she misbehaves. The package includes conductive silicone caps to cover these probes so as not to hurt your partner’s skin.

The set comes with a remote control that can transmit signals up to 500 meters. It has a small LED screen that displays the current setting of the e-collar. This handheld device is also equipped with a blue backlight so you can efficiently operate it even in the dark. Press each button to browse through the different vibration and static shock modes. You can use the device for up to 10 days and recharge its battery using the USB cable that goes with the package. The optimum charging time is 2-3 hours, and you can use it again once full.

This electroshock collar is waterproof, so you can explore using it in different scenarios and act without worrying about your Sub’s safety.

You better get your partner ready for the shock of her life. Buy the Rechargeable Slave Shock Collar before stocks run out!

Color Black
Material ABS
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Rechargeable Slave Shock Collar

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