Remote-Controlled Girl Shock Collar
Remote-Controlled Girl Shock Collar
Remote-Controlled Girl Shock Collar
Remote-Controlled Girl Shock Collar
Remote-Controlled Girl Shock Collar

Your petplay has always been smooth sailing. Your human puppy used to behave well during training. Your puppy fetched the ball, rolled over, and gave you a high-five when you said so. Lately, however, your pup refuses to do the tricks you taught her. She is trying to be independent, acting like she does not need you at all.

As a master, you won’t allow your pet to act wildly and uncontrollably. You want to be like Cesar Milan as there’s no wild dog he can’t tame.

Be the better version of the Dog Whisperer using the Remote-Controlled Girl Shock Collar. It’s an advanced collar with features that will delight you, the master. First, it comes with a user-friendly remote control that will make your training with your human puppy much better. This controller is designed to work even at 2500 feet of distance. Do you have naughty adventure plans in the wild? Don't forget to collar her on your next trip.

The collar will assist you in training and controlling your partner to behave like a well-behaved dog. This tool will get the job done as it boasts functions that include vibration alert, sound alert, and electrostatic punishment. Your pup gets immediate behavior correction with every wrong move.

You will love the features of this pet training instrument. It is waterproof to make it work in water-themed scenarios. Also, it has an LCD screen, which will clearly show you the status of the settings. Cool!

Enabled with memory, this collar lets you create three settings, so no need to set and reset it every time. If you find it too complicated, relax. Operating it is as easy as A-B-C. A manual is included in the package to give you a step-by-step guide. And speaking of inclusions, the product comes complete with all the necessary parts.

The collar is adjustable to make the fitting snug and comfortable. You need this badly, so buy now!

Color Black
Material Plastic
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Remote-Controlled Girl Shock Collar

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