Rhinestone-Encrusted Forever Collar
Rhinestone-Encrusted Forever Collar
Rhinestone-Encrusted Forever Collar

Who says that a person who’s interested in kinky sex can’t be cheesy, too? Yes, you like it rough, but you still believe in romance; you’re just not sold on the idea of vanilla-flavored fornication. You enjoy being in cuffs and shackles, being spanked, choked, and humiliated. But you also are a fan of big mushy words like “eternity” and the ever-clichéd “forever.” Who can blame for still believing in fairy tales, and at the same time wanting your prince charming to be a beast in bed?

Your unique view on love and sex also shows in your fashion picks. Anything plain bores you, so all your accessories have to have that zazz. If this is the case, then you’ll be pleased with the Rhinestone-Encrusted Forever Collar—it’s got everything you are looking for!

This choker is a crossover between classy and naughty, but most people will not see it at first glance or at all. The strap is made of a velvety material that looks stunning and comfortable on the skin. It’s not too broad or too thin; the width of the neck strap is just the right size for a discreet fashion collar by day and a raunchy accessory by night. It measures 32 cm long with a 14 cm allowance to deliver a tailored fit.

The minimalist strap is balanced by its lavish crystal-studded ornaments. The word “forever” is placed at the center of the piece, displayed in uppercase letters. Both the charms and the rhinestones are of silver color, which gives a beautiful contrast against the solid colors of the velvet band. A durable lobster hook clasp fastens the strap to secure it on your neck.

The Rhinestone-Encrusted Forever Collar is available in black, brown, and gray. Don’t think twice about getting this choker because it will surely look good with whatever you wear. Buy this item soon!

Color Black, Brown, Gray
Material Korean Velvet, Rhinestones
Dimension Length: 12.60 inches (32 cm) + 5.51 inches (14 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Rhinestone-Encrusted Forever Collar

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