Ringed Locking Slave Collar
Ringed Locking Slave Collar
Ringed Locking Slave Collar
Ringed Locking Slave Collar

In a relationship, there are days when it is a walk in the park, and on some days, it feels like you are in battle. You fight and argue because you are not always on the same side of the fence.

But during playtime, only one has to reign unchallenged, and fortunately, you are the unmerciful boss whose power is absolute. Your slave obeys; otherwise, there will be severe consequences.

And just as strong and as unrelenting as you are, the Ringed Locking Slave Collar is the perfect aid to execute your kinks. This round band of solid steel will imprison your slave, confining them in your den of lust.

The collar is a flat circle, hinged for easy wear and removal. A padlock secures its closure, making it escape-proof. Over the padlock is a small O-ring that serves as an attachment point for your wild imagination.

This metal collar comes with two keys. Keep the spare key accessible to your slave for any emergency purposes. As it is metal, this bondage collar won’t flex or stretch. So make sure it is the right fit. It comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate a range of necks. Girth a measuring tape around your partner's neck, and choose the steel that is wider in circumference.

It is so easy to use. Open the collar, then place it where it should be. Be careful when closing it as the hinge might pinch the skin. Finally, ensure that it stays in place by locking it. With the brass padlock, your playmate won't be able to break free from bondage.

This high-grade stainless steel is polished to perfection. Hence, it's burr-free and scratchless. All of its edges are smoothed for safe use.

Attach a leash to the O-ring and lead your slave to your erotic lair. Enjoy it soon when you place your order now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Height: 1.18 inches (30 mm)
Inner Diameter:
100 mm- 3.94 inches
110 mm- 4.33 inches
117 mm- 4.61 inches
130 mm- 5.12 inches
140 mm- 5.51 inches
150 mm- 5.91 inches

Ringed Locking Slave Collar

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