Ringed Play Collar
Ringed Play Collar

Looking for new ways to add spice to your intimate play? You've used all the tools you have in your toybox, but it seems like nothing works anymore. Here's a suggestion: why not enter the world of role-playing games? Many relationship psychologists recommend trying role-playing as this game can bring back the fire into your sex life. But with all couple's plays to choose from, which one should you try? Easy—pet play! And if you're looking for an accessory to start with, the Ringed Play Collar is a perfect choice. Once it's wrapped around the wearer's neck, that person will instantly transform into a human pet that you can fuck, treat, and punish.

This oh-so-erotic accessory features a leather strap interwoven to a long ladder clasp. Its woven tip has a tang buckle that you put through one of the slots on the opposite end of the belt. This way, you're sure that the choker won't fall off the wearer's neck once the scene gets intense. Furthermore, it prevents you from choking your passive lover, for you can adjust its fit.

But this isn't the only feature that this choker has. At the center of this collar are two metallic rings linked together. One loop is in a D shape and fixed at the center, while the other is in an O form that dangles on the user's neck. These rings aren't just mere pendants, for you can incorporate them into your pet play. Attach a leash to the O-ring and lead your submissive partner around like a pup. Alternatively, connect a pair of chained clamps to it and torture your slave's sweet nips. But if that's not enough, put a blindfold on your plaything's head, so your partner won't know what's about to touch your lover's sensitive body. Just be sure to establish a safe word or gesture before you do these things to your honey.

Spice up your intimate moments with this Ringed Play Collar. Grab one now!

Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Ringed Play Collar

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