Royal Slave Nipple Chain Necklace
Royal Slave Nipple Chain Necklace
Royal Slave Nipple Chain Necklace

Your biggest fetish is playing the role of a king taking advantage of his servants. Specifically, you like dressing like a Pharaoh while you want your woman to wear nothing but shiny accessories on her breasts. You picture these costumes as to how movies, especially the porn ones, depict them. Well, to make the play more realistic, get your woman an alluring neckpiece that enhances her looks, like this Royal Slave Nipple Chain Necklace.

This jewelry has four tennis chains that hold the pendant and the gems. It is studded with white diamond-like embellishments, which are made of high-grade rhinestones. At its center is a red ruby-like stone that stands out among the small white ones. But that's not even the best part yet. It has two drooping chains attached to the pendant. These links have silicone bands at their tips that act as hooks to your woman's nipples, creating a suspending curtain-like effect. And lastly, it has a lobster clasp at the necklace's main link, serving as its locking mechanism.

Use this lovely jewelry in your plays. Pretend as if you were a king who suddenly fell for his servant. Give this to her as a present to get her trust, then place it on her neck. Caress her nipples until they get so hard so you can hook the silicone bands on them. Then, reveal your true color and motive and ask her to serve you a seductive and sensual dance that would turn you on. End the play with a hardcore fucking session as you wish. You have gained her trust, and now she's all yours!

But after all, your woman is not just any slave. She is a royal slave. So get her this Royal Slave Nipple Chain Necklace that will heighten her looks during your roleplays! Choose from the silver and gold variants, and add your choice to your cart now!

Color Gold, Silver
Material Stainless Steel + Rhinestones
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Weight: N/A

Royal Slave Nipple Chain Necklace

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