Ruthless Desire Hogtie Restraints
Ruthless Desire Hogtie Restraints
Ruthless Desire Hogtie Restraints
Ruthless Desire Hogtie Restraints

Congratulations! You now have a house that you can call your own. It's not that big and is not fully refurbished yet, so there's no furniture where you can attach your toys if you want to be naughty.

Well, here's a restraint tool that doesn't require a bed, a chair, or any furniture! The Ruthless Desire Hogtie Restraints are fully independent, allowing you to use these on your lover anywhere you desire—even outdoors!

The bondage kit comes with four separate nylon cuffs with plastic lobster clasps attached to them, which you can fasten to the metallic ring. Set them up, and you can use these tools in ways you can imagine! Use all the included tools in the package and do a hogtie to restrain your partner's wrists and arms, then follow the position in the picture while her hands are at the back and her legs are bent, reaching her head.

But if that position doesn't please you and your lover, you can use a bar to replace the O-ring. Clip the ankle cuffs to the bar, then wrap them around her ankles. Spread her legs as wide as you can, and you're now free to taste her sweet essence and kiss her pussy lips without any interruption.

And if you already have a bed in your room, you can use the nylon cuffs with straps for a conventional bondage approach. The sky is the limit when you incorporate them into your BDSM play.

As mentioned earlier, the cuffs are nylon-made, giving a unique sensation to the wearer once you wrap them around her wrists and ankles. They also have Velcro fasteners for a more comfortable yet tight fit.

So who says you need a piece of furniture to make your bondage scene possible? With these Ruthless Desire Hogtie Restraints, you can make your wicked bondage fantasies come true! So go ahead; pick up one today, and add it to your cart!

Color Cuffs: Black
O-Ring: Silver
Material Cuffs: Nylon + Velcro
O-Ring: Metal
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Ruthless Desire Hogtie Restraints

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