Sadistic Mouth Spreader Head Harness
Sadistic Mouth Spreader Head Harness
Sadistic Mouth Spreader Head Harness
Sadistic Mouth Spreader Head Harness
Sadistic Mouth Spreader Head Harness

Cuffs and chains aren’t enough for bimbos, slaves, and bottoms. They deserve to be stripped off of their freedom to scream or speak up. Gags are practical tools in BDSM scenarios. Other than that, they give doms more control over their subs. If you’re looking for something that will shut your partner up while you torture him, you need the Sadistic Mouth Spreader Head Harness. It’s a bondage tool whose appearance is enough to bring psychological torment and pain.

The head harness features a metal mouth spreader and a metal nose hook. It’s pretty straightforward as you’ll know exactly where to put the parts. The cheek and lip retractors have a non-slip grip. To widen the opening of the mouth, you can pull these retractors away from each other by tightening the strap that wraps around the head.

Widen his nostrils, too, with the nose hook to degrade and humiliate him further. The tips are not sharp. Instead, these are round and smooth for comfort, but they can partially block the nose, making this head harness great for breathplay, too.

The harness will fit just right as you can adjust it accordingly with its buckle strap system. Each buckle comes with a lockable tongue, so buy small padlocks to make sure your partner begs for mercy, hoping for sweet release.

The head harness is made of high-quality PU leather, which is easy to clean and maintain. The hardware is smoothed to perfection to make sure it won’t scratch sensitive skin. Your slave won’t have second thoughts on this harness. He will take delight in wearing it because if it pleases you, it pleases him all the more.

It’s a bondage tool that will render your masochist partner helpless and vulnerable, so use it with caution. Set some ground rules to make the scenes safe. Other than that, savor the adrenaline rush!

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Color Black, Silver
Material Metal
PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: Adjustable

Sadistic Mouth Spreader Head Harness

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