Sadist's Butt Plug Leash
Sadist's Butt Plug Leash
Sadist's Butt Plug Leash
Sadist's Butt Plug Leash
Sadist's Butt Plug Leash
Sadist's Butt Plug Leash

As a masochist, you have been blessed with a perfect relationship. You have a sadist partner who satisfies all your needs and wants. You both have done everything in sex you can imagine except one thing—anal torture.

To make everything more colorful in your partnership, take your plays up a notch and try the stirring world of butt adventures. Make your first try smooth and seamless using the Sadist's Butt Plug Leash. Nothing beats using a butt plug to train your partner's anal cavity!

Start with the small one so you won't surprise your masochist's sphincter muscles. It measures 2.76 inches long, with a width of 1.06 inches—almost the same as the girth of a man's cock. It has a tapered design, a rounded, pointed tip that enlarges as you go to its handle. It features a handle with an acrylic-based jewel that resembles a diamond. It also has bells on it for added cuteness hooked onto the ring on the base. You can choose from its three available colors—blue, red, and purple.

There are lots of plugs out in the market. But what sets this product apart is the leash that comes with it, hence the ring on its handle. Before understanding the purpose of the leash, know how to insert the plug first effectively. Ease its insertion by applying water-based lube on its surface. Put some on the brim of your slave's butthole, then slowly inject it through their hole. Now here comes the fun part. Pull the chain as the plug's inside your partner's ass. Do it several times to make them experience dilation of their sphincter like no other! With regular use, your partner can get the hang of it until they can get to try the medium and large sizes, too!

Play like a pet's master by leashing your submissive partner. But instead of attaching the chain to their collar, stick it up into their butt. And once through with your kinky game, wash its plug immediately with water and mild soap, then dry it with a clean cloth.

Not only will your masochistic sub's eyes dilate from extreme pleasure but their anus, too, when you put this stainless steel toy inside their ass! Torture their backdoor soon by getting this Sadist's Butt Plug Leash now!

Color Blue, Red, Purple
Material Stainless Steel + Acrylic Jewel
Dimension Length:
Small: 2.76 inches (70 mm)
Medium: 3.23 inches (82 mm)
Large: 3.74 inches (95 mm)
Small: 1.06 inches (27 mm)
Medium: 1.30 inches (33 mm)
Large: 1.57 inches (40 mm)

Sadist's Butt Plug Leash

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