Sassy and Classy Nipple Necklace Jewelry
Sassy and Classy Nipple Necklace Jewelry
Sassy and Classy Nipple Necklace Jewelry

The scene that captured your heart into loving Titanic as your most favorite movie of all time was when Rose asked Jack the iconic line, "Draw me like one of your French girls." From then on, you wanted to say that to your future man while wearing The Heart of the Ocean.

You may not have millions of dollars, the current worth of the said piece of jewelry, to have it. However, you can still adorn your bare, naked body with a blue diamond-like accessory using the Sassy and Classy Nipple Necklace Jewelry. It doesn't come with just one diamond, but three! That makes you better than Rose!

Aside from its blue crystals, it also boasts white, round-cut diamonds studded across its entire link. And if you think it's the cerulean gem that's the star of the night, wait for its hanging pendant! It has four chains drooping just below the big diamonds. Two of these chains serve as nipple hooks. These chains have tiny rings at their ends which you can cling to the nipples. So aside from accessorizing the neck, this lace also embellishes the breasts!

Worry not about the price. It may look lavish and regal, but it uses affordable but quality materials. The "diamonds" are made of rhinestones, while the links use high-quality stainless steel. The hoops at the tip of the hanging chains use hypoallergenic silicone bands, making them safe to place and hook onto your erect nipples.

Surprise your man as he enters your room, with you wearing just the necklace. Prepare your charcoal pens and drawing board, then lie on the bed naked. As he steps inside the room, ask him to draw a majestic picture of you!

At last! You can now utter those words to your man once you get this Sassy and Classy Nipple Necklace Jewelry! What are you waiting for? Grab it now!

Color Silver + Blue
Material Metal
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Weight: N/A

Sassy and Classy Nipple Necklace Jewelry

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