Say Ahh Open Mouth Gag
Say Ahh Open Mouth Gag
Say Ahh Open Mouth Gag
Say Ahh Open Mouth Gag

Never let your bimbo outsmart you. Don’t let her speak but keep her mouth wide open, ready to suck your dick! Is there a better way to do this than with the Say Ahh Open Mouth Gag? It’s a fuck toy that will give you unlimited access to one of the most pleasurable cock-sucking holes.

Featuring a pair of luscious full lips, this gag is the sexiest of all. Push it behind your partner's teeth to deprive her of her freedom to speak. But don’t worry. You’ll still hear her libido-boosting moans. The cock sucker is securely attached to a harness that wraps around her head. The open lips have an inner diameter of 1.5 inches, so feel free to feed her your delicious sausage. She won't spit it out for sure!

The PU leather strap adjusts to fit most as it has a belt-type buckle. Tighten and fasten it well to make this humiliating gag stay put till the end of your bondage play. Degrade your bimbo because she deserves it. Watch her drool as she tries her best to speak up, but none of her words is intelligible enough to be understood. Bind her hands behind her back to prevent her from unfastening the harness.

A must-have restraint tool, this open-mouth gag is sturdy and durable. With rivets that secure all connection points, the straps won't detach despite resistance. And since the mouthpiece is silicone, it is an odorless and tasteless material. As such, it's a perfect gag medium. It's also flexible, making it easy on your woman's jaws.

You'll never waste time cleaning it and keeping it in good condition. Wash the gag with warm, soapy water, then rinse. The synthetic leather harness will only require a clean cloth to keep it dirt- and dust-free.

It's also perfect for sissies, so don't hesitate to buy one now!

Color Black
Material Rubber
PU Leather
Dimension Circumference: Band: 16-23 inches
Gag Internal Diameter: 1.5 inches
Gag Outer Diameter: 2.95 inches

Say Ahh Open Mouth Gag

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  • $71.99

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