Scissor-Like Electric Nipple Torture
Scissor-Like Electric Nipple Torture
Scissor-Like Electric Nipple Torture
Scissor-Like Electric Nipple Torture

Is your pair of clamps not satisfying to look at anymore? Your partner's regular exposure to these devices seems to have resulted in her pain tolerance. She's no longer squirming in pain like how she usually does back on her first few experiences with your favorite clamps. Maybe you both have already gotten used to clenching her tits that it has already become such a mundane activity. So what's next after this? Well, what you need is an upgrade! And there's nothing more exciting to replace your old-fashioned clamps than this Scissor-Like Electric Nipple Torture.

The product name says everything you can expect from this item. It has scissors-like clamps that are more rigid and torturous than the regular ones you got. Don't underestimate their slim surface, as they are made to pinch your partner's tits as hard as possible. These metal clamps match the electro-stimulation device perfectly as they distribute the right amount of electrical pulses onto the nips. They provide orgasmic pleasure in a tactile way. With just one press of the button, you can adjust the device's range of stimulation effortlessly. These multi-frequency inputs will surely awaken your sub's body and send her to greater heights. The control unit works with two pieces of triple-A battery. Connected to it is a wire that sends vibrations to the clamps.

As much as you want to up the level of your playtime, you also have to make sure you are doing things right. Clean the clamps before and after use with warm water and mild soap. Keep them dry before putting them away. As for the control unit, remove the batteries when not in use to prevent leakage.

Your partner's nipple wants to experience something new! Come and grab this device to make it happen. Add it to your cart now!

Color Silver, Black
Material Metal
Dimension Length:
clamps: 2.95 inches (7.5 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A
Weight: N/A

Scissor-Like Electric Nipple Torture

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