Sensual Teaser Wartenberg Pinwheel
Sensual Teaser Wartenberg Pinwheel
Sensual Teaser Wartenberg Pinwheel

Between plumes and metal, you'll pick a feathery tool for gentle play. Newbies usually avoid metal pleasure tools as they are usually recommended for experienced and expert users. But when it comes to the Sensual Teaser Wartenberg Pinwheel, don't let your eyes fool you. Though it looks intimidating, it's perfect for tickle play.

Originally used as a medical device to test nerve reactions, the Wartenberg pinwheel has become a popular tool among BDSM and vanilla couples. Today, it is incorporated in sex play to heighten sensitivity, making the receiver more receptive to stimulations.

The Sensual Teaser Wartenberg Pinwheel has features that experienced enthusiasts and beginners enjoy. The rotating wheel has numerous pointy pins that are evenly spaced apart. Roll the free-spinning wheel on any part of your partner's body to tickle them. The pinwheel will glide over the skin smoothly, without puncturing your lover's skin as it doesn't dig in.

Because it features a single wheel, the sensations are focused and intense. The ergonomic handle gives you total control over how much pressure you want to apply with more ease. The curves make it easy and comfortable to use.

Holding the tool in your hand, let the pinwheel roll on your partner's arms, chest, thighs, butt cheeks, or practically any part of the body that you want to tease. Though the pins look sharp, they are actually harmless just as long as you don't intend to apply too much pressure on one spot. Just let it rotate and slide over the skin to heighten sensitivity. With increased sensitivity, you can introduce other stimulations to build up arousal.

Enjoy pinwheel play with this device. But don't forget to clean it right after, especially if you are planning to use it with a different partner. Wash it with soap and water, then dry it before stashing it away. Here's a naughty way to tickle your partner, so don't waste your chance. Buy now!

Color/Type Silver (Wheel)
Black (Handle)
Material Metal
Dimension Length: NA
Width/Diameter: NA

Sensual Teaser Wartenberg Pinwheel

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