Sensual Torment Adult Gags
Sensual Torment Adult Gags
Sensual Torment Adult Gags
Sensual Torment Adult Gags
Sensual Torment Adult Gags

What you like the most about your partner is his sadism. You love it when he gags you, pulls your hair, rubs your pussy lips, pinches your nipples, and tickles your asshole with his middle finger. You can only hope that he can do it all simultaneously on your breast, pussy, and buttcrack. But he only has a pair of hands.

If there is one thing you want, it's a helping hand so you can feel all these at once. Well, here's a sex toy that will help your man execute all that you want—the Sensual Torment Adult Gags.

It's a mouth gag that comes with a pair of nipple pinchers on it. Its silicone ball is there to gag you sadistically as the tweezers-like clamps squeeze your raisins. But while it sounds too risky, worry not about your safety. The 1.73-inch mouth ball has holes on it to allow you to breathe. Plus, as it is silicone-made, you can trust that you won't get to ingest toxic chemicals as it is BPA- and phthalate-free. This gag is skewered to a PU leather strap which is hooked to two other straps via O-rings. The one strap has punched holes on it while the other has a buckle on it. When joined together, they form a belt that will act as the toy's adjustment mechanism.

On the other hand, the metal nipple squeezers that come with it are linked to the leather straps surrounding the head. Each pincher is adjustable via a sliding ring so that they stay in its position once placed.

Release his hands from pinching your nipples and let them do the other pleasurable things on your body instead—like pulling your hair and fingering your love tunnel while you are all gagged! Get the Sensual Torment Adult Gags now to experience simultaneous torture from your man!

Color Purple, Pink, Black, Red, Black & Red
Material Straps: PU Leather
Chain: Metal
gag: Silicone
Dimension Length:
Chain Length: 11.81 inches (30 cm)
Straps: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: gag: 1.73 inches (4.4cm)

Sensual Torment Adult Gags

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