Sensual Touch Vampire Gloves
Sensual Touch Vampire Gloves
Sensual Touch Vampire Gloves

Something's not right whenever you serve her pussy with your hands. She no longer moans at all as if she's not getting the pleasure. She also rushes you to proceed with the penetration session right away. What's wrong? Could it be that your naughty fingers do not have the power to stir her always-horny pussy?

If your bare fingers do not suffice in making her vagina happy, then you may want to use some magic to it. Put on the Sensual Touch Vampire Gloves as you do your handjob to her. Witness a golden shower as her jizz creates a fountain from extreme satisfaction!

This piece is the god of all gloves out there if the texture is the basis of being almighty. Not only can you see the spikes on it, but you can feel it grazing against the skin. Don't worry about hurting your woman; it is made of high-quality silicone, making it soft yet highly pleasurable when rubbed inside your lady's pussy. It's BPA- and phthalate-free, too, so rest assured it's safe to insert in your lover's sweetest spot. This translucent sex toy is also stretchable, allowing conformance to hands of different sizes. No matter how bony or bulky your fist is, this tool will adjust to it!

Blindfold your woman to surprise her with what's about to enter her. Then slowly, lubricate her love tunnel with water-based lube, and penetrate it with your finger. Start with one, then make it two, and add more and more until she begs you to stop adding more fingers inside her pussy! If she's into it, you can also try gatecrashing her backdoor. But remember, never, ever, put in the main door what just came out from the backdoor!

Hear her screams from so much gratification once more when you incorporate the Sensual Touch Vampire Gloves into your fingering sessions. Grab it now, and add this to your cart!

Color/Type Translucent
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: Stretchable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Sensual Touch Vampire Gloves

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