Restrained Harlot Sex Bracelet
Restrained Harlot Sex Bracelet
Restrained Harlot Sex Bracelet
Restrained Harlot Sex Bracelet
Restrained Harlot Sex Bracelet

Dancing in the streets of a foreign land, shifting your feet to the tune of the lovely strings that made this magical night extra mesmerizing. Your lover has that look in her eyes, the look that tells you she is in a daze of helpless devotion. To you and only you, the Master that orchestrated this love voyage. Yes, you are good at your craft. She is in your complete control, and she knows it.

And for a passionate Dom like yourself, knowing is not enough. You need to see her loyalty to you and all your kinkiness in bed. You may need the stainless steel Restrained Harlot Sex Bracelet to seal the deal!

Not as serious as a ring on her finger, these pieces still mark her as your property. The stainless steel bangle has an elaborate art that goes all around the jewelry. Additionally, the central portion of the bracelet has the BDSM emblem engraved on it.

Yes, this piece is a stunning piece of jewelry but, more than that, it will ward off anyone planning to steal your Sub away. As a practitioner of the BDSM lifestyle, this gem is a way to mark your property.

If you are doubtful about the size, then stop worrying. This piece is adjustable to the fit that you prefer. Small, medium even large measurements can be accommodated!

Just be mindful that you have to prevent this item from coming in contact with any liquid or extreme heat. Keep the surface free from dust and other particles by wiping it with a soft, lint-free cloth. Rough brushing should be avoided because this may cause scratches on the exterior.

Choose among the four elegant colors that this item is available. This model has a fashionable silver, an elegant gold, a classic black, and a combination of silver and black.

So keep your Master flare, and mark your property! Grab this gem today!

Color Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Combination
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Diameter: 2.60 inches (66 mm)
Width: 0.23-0.58 inch (6-14.8 mm)

Restrained Harlot Sex Bracelet

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