Kinkster's Essentials Sex Machine Toy
Kinkster's Essentials Sex Machine Toy
Kinkster's Essentials Sex Machine Toy
Kinkster's Essentials Sex Machine Toy

Who doesn't love to travel? If the budget or the situation permits, we're pretty sure you'd buy a ticket and go to different beaches and countries to relax. But let's face it. You can't do it all the time, even if you want to. Good thing there's another way to alleviate stress, and that's through sex. Studies reveal that sex is a great stress-buster, as it helps raise endorphins and other hormones that boost your mood.

Unfortunately, you can't have intercourse without a partner. Not anymore! With this Kinkster's Essentials Sex Machine Toy, similar to the one used in this video, you can have heart-pounding and lip-biting shagging sessions, even if you're self-partnered.

If you look at this fuck machine, it's no way near like the regular heavy-duty love hardware. It doesn't have a thrust arm or a frame. What it has is a storage box, and it's where the engine lies. However, it also serves as a thrust arm and a base in one. With this tool, you don't need to set it up and connect so many attachments.

You just have to lay it on the floor, attach the toy of your choice to the extension rod, and thrust away! Feel the rapid motion hitting your sweet spots as the thrust gets harder, deeper, and faster. But if the speed is too much, you can slow down the pace using the remote. Just turn the dial counterclockwise to reduce the intensity.

Made for single kinksters hungry for cocks, kinky couples can enjoy this handy yet intense machine, too! They can use it to simulate a threesome scene or if the guy (or the girl) wants to see their partners getting fucked by or fucking someone else. Hence, this erotic device is the only thing you need to take things a little further.

Release your stress without traveling or hooking up with someone. Get this Kinkster's Essentials Sex Machine Toy now!


Color Silver
Material Aluminum Alloy
Dimension Length:
Sex Machine (Assembled) - 13.7 inches
Stroke Length – 1.18 – 3.93 inches
Width/Diameter: 8.46 inches
Thickness: 8 inches

Kinkster's Essentials Sex Machine Toy

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