Heavy-Duty Sex Swing Stand

Rafters, beams, and ceilings are good anchor points for any swing, but for a secure installation, you need the service of a carpenter to install hooks. But hooks poking out on these areas attract curiosity and questions, and you hate giving excuses, not to mention the possible damage they might cause in your ceiling, walls, or rafters. If you don’t like making up stories about hooks, you better have the Heavy-Duty swing Stand, as seen here in this porn video. You can disassemble it anytime you have friends or family coming over to visit you. 

The bracket has four sturdy legs for stability, and it’s crisscrossed at the top for reinforced support and balance. It has rings at strategic points for versatility; thus, it can accommodate various swings and slings. So go ahead and buy that swing you’ve been fantasizing about, and suspend your partner sans worries. This swing can support all shapes of sexy because it is made of staunch steel.

This durable swing stand has a size that’s compatible with most indoor swings. You can set it up in your bedroom or your living room with a simple tool. Place it on a carpeted floor for a better grip. When you need space for other activities, you can easily take it down and store the parts conveniently.

The bed can be the most common sex furniture out there, but the sex positions it offers are limited. This swing stand opens doors to some kama sutra positions, which you thought only limber couples could achieve. Relish mid-air orgasms that will not put too much pressure on your knee joints.

Take your adventure outdoors by taking the stand along with a swing with you. That's the beauty of this furniture. You can assemble and disassemble anywhere you want. You can even have a raunchy evening at your patio, spinning your partner on a swing. Buy now!


Color Black
Material Metal
Dimension Length: NA
Width/Diameter: NA
Maximum load bearing capacity: NA

Heavy-Duty Sex Swing Stand

  • $937.99
    Unit price per 
  • $1,593.99

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