Rock Your Body Sexual Swing
Rock Your Body Sexual Swing
Rock Your Body Sexual Swing
Rock Your Body Sexual Swing

Who says you can only rock your body on the dance floor? You can do that in bed, too! You just need to get this Rock Your Body Sexual Swing to make it happen!

If you look at this sex furniture, it's like an ordinary swing that you loved to ride when you were young. But this swing is for adults and can only be seen in love dungeons or bedrooms. It has short black nylon straps attached to the hooks, allowing you to hook it on a frame or ceiling. Meanwhile, the long straps, which are also made of nylon, let your man adjust the length of the swing. This way, he can lower or raise the furniture according to his height and the position he wants to do on you.

In addition to the nylon straps, this love gear also has five paddings in different sizes. The smaller ones are for the legs, so you or your lover can raise your thighs up in the air while his dick is fucking your wet love hole. It also has back support, so you can do different erotic stances while you're swung up in the air. Then, there are these two wider pads for your behind for a more comfortable and pleasurable suspended sex!

Available in leopard print, red, and black, this erotic swing lets you choose a color that represents your hue for passion and matches your love cell's theme. Whether you want to be the Jane to your Tarzan, the Ana to your Christian, or simply a playful slave to your Master, it's a perfect addition to your kinky roleplays.

Rock that hot bod of yours and let your man do whatever he wants on your body while you're suspended. Get this Rock Your Body Sexual Swing before supplies run out!

Color Leopard, Red, Black
Material Nylon
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A
Maximum load bearing capacity: N/A

Rock Your Body Sexual Swing

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  • $108.99

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