Sexy in Pink Clover Clips
Sexy in Pink Clover Clips
Sexy in Pink Clover Clips

Your woman always hides from you when it's play-time. And as the aggressive one in the relationship, you take time to find her so you can fill your urge. But she's so good at hiding that you sometimes lose your temper trying to catch her.

That naughty bitch! Punish her by pinching her supple titties! And to make sure you can easily find her once she escapes from you again, attach these Sexy in Pink Clover Clips on her nipples! Chase after the melodic tunes of these pinchers' chimes and play with her helpless body as you catch that playful pussy!

Pinching her nipples has never been this easy! Grab the squeezers, then thread your fingers against the handle. Aim for your woman's nipples, then release your grip to squeeze those tiny, soft glands. If you want to make it rough, release the hold abruptly. You can also do it slowly if you feel like being gentle with her. You can also pair these toys with your other punishing tools, such as ropes, whips, blindfolds, and mouth gags. Do all you want with her now that she's in your loving arms! Just be sure to communicate with your woman before executing your risky plays. Assign rules and safe words or gestures to keep it fun and sane.

These cute little tools use stainless steel on the clamps and painted metal on their chimes. The clamps have soft silicone pieces on the tongs, making them safe to use on your woman's delicate and sensitive nipples. The bells are hooked onto the pinchers using metal rings, so don't worry about them getting detached as you execute your kinky play.

There's no need to shout, "Where are you?" anymore, as you can spot your woman anywhere she goes now! Get the Sexy in Pink Clover Clips now, and ease finding her in your hide-and-seek games!

Color Silver + Pink
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Weight: N/A

Sexy in Pink Clover Clips

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